Ecclesiastes 10-12 – Folly and Wisdom

The final chapters of Ecclesiastes bring completion to the larger themes of the book.

Ecclesiastes 7-9 – The Unfulfilled Life

Solomon writes about what makes life seem empty and unfulfilling.

Ecclesiastes 4-6 – Unsatisfying Wealth

Good can come from wealth, but what is the ultimate value of our earthly riches?

Ecclesiastes 2-3 – Time, Eternity, and Despair

Solomon considers the problems of life and meaning from a perspective without eternity in view.

Ecclesiastes 1 – The Vanity of Life

The first chapter of Ecclesiastes frames the basic problem – what is the meaning of life?

Romans 16 – God Loves People

Romans 16 expresses God’s love for the people, name by name.

Romans 15:14-33 – God Likes It When We GO

An important part of the Christian life is going out into all the world and giving the good news of Jesus.