The Expositor’s Greek Testament – Volume 5

The Expositor’s Greek Testament, Volume 5 – 1 Peter through Revelation

expositors greek nt - Robertson Nicolll

Editor: Robertson Nicoll

Presented in five volumes, this was one of the most important commentaries on the Greek New Testament from the 19th and early 20th century. Edited by W. Robertson Nicoll, this a commentary on the Greek text of the New Testament. Its focus on the Greet text and vocabulary is helpful for those who know Biblical Greek and those who do not. The commentary set also has extensive introductions with overview and analysis of each book.

Like most commentary sets with a variety of authors, some are better than others. Yet, this is one of my go-to commentaries when studying the New Testament. When I use it I’m looking for insight and analysis on the Greek text.

Volume 1
Matthew, Mark, Luke: A.B. Bruce
Gospel of John: Marcus Dods

Volume 2
Acts: R. J. Knowling
Romans: James Denney
1 Corinthians: G. G. Findlay

Volume 3
2 Corinthians: J. H. Bernard
Galatians: Frederic Rendall
Ephesians: S. D. F. Salmond
Philippians: H. A. A. Kennedy
Colossians: A. S. Peake

Volume 4
1-2 Thessalonians: James Moffatt
1-2 Timothy: Newport J. D. White
Titus: Newport J. D. White
Philemon: W. E. Oesterley
Hebrews: Marcus Dods
James: W. E. Oesterley

Volume 5
1 Peter: J. H. A Hart
2 Peter: R. H. Strachan
1-2-3 John: David Smith
Jude: J. B. Mayor
Revelation: James Moffatt

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