A Special Request

Dear Pastor, Preacher, or Bible Teacher –

He sends out His command to the earth;
His word runs very swiftly.
(Psalm 147:15)

It is wonderful to hear that the Enduring Word Bible commentary has been helpful to many of you in your preparation and Bible reading. We are honored to have any part of the process of helping fellow believers and the local church. 

As many of you know, Enduring Word gives a lot of attention and resources to the translation of my Bible commentary in many languages. To date, our most extensive work has been in Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

We are pleased to tell you again that we have completed the translation of the New Testament commentary in both Arabic and Chinese.   These translated versions, including the Old and New Testament in Spanish,  are now available for free on their own “sub-domain” websites at:

In this regard, I would like to introduce you to my friend Deven Berryhill.  Over the past year, Deven has helped us share the Bible commentaries with many Arabic and Chinese language ministries like ArabicBible.com, the WeDevote Chinese Bible app, SAT7 Arabic TV, Ambassadors for Christ – Chinese Distributers, Digital Bible Society, and Trans World Radio among others. 

I know many of you have missionaries or other ministry contacts in the Arabic, Chinese and Spanish speaking worlds. Please consider connecting Deven with those friends.  We would love to get them commentary as a weblink, file sharing, PDF/Word.doc or XML formats.  We are also very interested in partnering with other ministries to distribute these resources freely and widely.

You can contact Deven at deven@enduringword.com.  We are excited to see how God will use these Bible commentary translations for His glory and to further Jesus’ kingdom.

In Jesus’ Name – David Guzik

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