Job - Better Than Normal

Job – Better than Normal

Dear Pastor, Preacher, or Bible Teacher –

Right now, many of us are thinking of how things will get back to “normal.” But if you’re like me, you also think: “Lord, I don’t want things back to where they were before all this global pandemic and other shaking events. In Jesus’ name, bring us to a better place with You than we were ever at before.”

Remember this from the Book of Job:

Now the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning.
Job 42:12

Job - Better Than Normal

You will remember that at the start of the Book of Job, the man Job was a blessed, godly man, with a real relationship with God.

Then the calamities came, and Job had a true crisis.

Yet at the end of it all, Job was more blessed, greater in his godliness, and had a deeper relationship with God. What the devil intended for evil, God used for good. Through it all, God made a good man better.

As tough as it has been, I don’t think many of us have suffered as badly as Job suffered. But we want God to work in us and through us in the way He worked through Job. Our prayer is, “Lord – in these hard times, please don’t let one bit of suffering or trouble be wasted. Let it all work for Your glory and my growth.”

In the story of Job we could say that God declared to Satan: “You do your worst with Job, and I will do My best in him – and let’s see who wins in the end.”

By faith, receive it – God’s best working in you even through this strange season. At the end of it all, we hope to end with something better than normal!

Blessings to You in Jesus’ Name – David Guzik

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