Enduring Word Quick Navigation

Enduring Word Quick Navigation Plug-In

Dear Pastor, Preacher, or Bible Teacher –

I hope God sustained and blessed you through another weekend of serving Him!

Instead of a scripture and short encouragement, today I have a special announcement that is directed to you who, directly or indirectly, have websites. It could be a personal website, a church website, or a ministry website.

If your website operates on a WordPress platform, I would like to offer you and your website visitors a special opportunity: a direct link to quickly access and navigate the Enduring Word Bible commentary online.

It works through plug-in that displays on your front page, or wherever else on your website you would like to place it.

Look for this box at https://enduringword.com/bible-commentary/genesis-1/ and click where it says, “Quick Navigation” to see how it works.

Enduring Word Quick Navigation

To learn more about this free plugin and for easy installation information, click here

In a few weeks I’ll be back with my normal twice-monthly encouragement by email.

Blessings to You in Jesus’ Name – David Guzik

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