Revival Addresses – R.A. Torrey

Revival Addresses – R.A. Torrey

R.A. Torrey

In part because of his close association with D.L. Moody, Torrey was a man who knew revival. Revival Addresses is a collection of 17 sermons that Torrey preached in many different places around the world including Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, England, India, and Scotland.

In his introduction, Torrey wrote: “The author hopes that the sermons may be used as greatly in their printed form as they have been when spoken… Each one of them has many sacred memories connected with it.”


R. A. Torrey (1856-1928) was an American evangelist and Bible teacher. Born in New Jersey, Torrey was graduate of Yale University and Yale Divinity School, and first a Congregational minister in Ohio. After further education in Germany, he began to serve with D.L. Moody and eventually became the pastor of the Chicago church founded by Moody. Torrey preached all over the world, and founded the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, today BIOLA University.

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