Our Daily Homily, Volume 2 – F.B. Meyer

Our Daily Homily, Volume 2 – 1 Samuel through Job, by F.B. Meyer

F.B. Meyer

I really F.B. Meyer’s series, Our Daily Homily. In Volume 2 he takes one verse from each chapter from 1 Samuel through Job and writes a short devotional thought on that verse. Every time I teach through a book of the Bible, I see what Meyer wrote on that chapter from Our Daily Homily. This is definitely not an academic work, but valuable for its devotional and spiritual insight.

F.B. Meyer (1847-1929) was an English Baptist pastor and evangelist who had an extensive ministry both in Great Britain and the United States. He was a popular author of many books, including some commentaries and several books on prominent Bible characters.

Meyer wrote this regarding these homilies in his introduction:

“They do not profess to be comprehensive or profound. ‘A Homily,’ says an authority, ‘is distinct from mere exegesis or exposition; because the latter is addressed to the understanding, while the Homily is meant to affect the heart also, and to persuade those who hear to apply the lessons of Scripture for the reformation of their lives.’ This definition admirably describes my purpose. I have endeavored to build an exhortation to the heart from a careful consideration of the selected passage, often in the fresh light thrown on it from the Revised Version.”

Volume 1 – Genesis through Ruth
Volume 2 – 1 Samuel through Job
Volume 3 – Psalms through Song of Solomon
Volume 4 – Isaiah through Malachi
Volume 5 – Matthew through Revelation

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