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Themes this Week

God’s Great Plan

The Responsibility of Man

December 11 through 15

Monday, December 11
Romans 8:12-29 – God’s Grace is Greater Than Anything & Everything, Part 2

Tuesday, December 12
Romans 9:1-29 – God Always Has a Plan, Part 1

Wednesday, December 13
Romans 9:1-29 – God Always Has a Plan, Part 2

Thursday, December 14
Romans 9:30-10:21 – God Makes Man Responsible, Part 1

Friday, December 15
Romans 9:30-10:21 – God Makes Man Responsible, Part 2

Consider the testimony of these men regarding Romans:

Martin Luther praised Romans: “It is the chief part of the New Testament and the perfect gospel . . . the absolute epitome of the gospel.”

Luther’s successor Philip Melancthon called Romans, “The compendium of Christian doctrine.”

John Calvin said of the Book of Romans, “When anyone understands this Epistle, he has a passage opened to him to the understanding of the whole Scripture.”

Samuel Coleridge, English poet and literary critic said Paul’s letter to the Romans is “The most profound work in existence.”

Frederick Godet, 19th Century Swiss theologian called the Book of Romans “The cathedral of the Christian faith.”

G. Campbell Morgan said Romans was “the most pessimistic page of literature upon which your eyes ever rested” and at the same time, “the most optimistic poem to which your ears ever listened.”

Richard Lenski wrote that the Book of Romans is “beyond question the most dynamic of all New Testament letters even as it was written at the climax of Paul’s apostolic career.”