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Themes this Week

The Good Samaritan

The Lord’s Prayer

June 26 through 30

Monday, June 26
Luke 10:1-24 – The Witness of the Seventy, Part 2

Tuesday, June 27
Luke 10:25-42 – The Witness of the Good Samaritan, Part 1

Wednesday, June 28
Luke 10:25-42 – The Witness of the Good Samaritan, Part 2

Thursday, June 29
Luke 11:1-13 – The Witness of Prayer, Part 1

Friday, June 30
Luke 11:1-13 – The Witness of Prayer, Part 2

The Gospel of Luke presents Jesus in one of the most straightforward and engaging ways in all of literature. Jesus is presented as the second Adam, the perfect Man who prays and trusts in God, fulfilling His divine commission as the Son of God and the Son of Man. The Gospel of Luke contains the most parables of all the gospel accounts, and also shows Jesus at prayer more often than the other gospel accounts do.

By every indication, Luke was a Gentile. Colossians 4:10-11 and 4:14 show that he wasn’t Jewish, because he was not included in the group who are of the circumcision. This makes Luke unique in that he is the only New Testament writer who was a Gentile.

God gave this lone Gentile writer a great privilege. Because he also wrote the book of Acts (which makes up the second volume of this Gospel), Luke wrote more of the New Testament than any other human writer did (assuming that Paul did not author the letter to the Hebrews).