David Guzik Sermons on Titus

Video and Audio Teaching Through Titus


After Paul’s release from his Roman imprisonment described in the final chapters of the Book of Acts, he had something of an evangelistic, church-planting campaign on the Mediterranean island of Crete. When Paul was finished, he left Titus behind to strengthen, organize, and order the Christian communities all over the island.

Titus is Paul’s Letter to a Fellow Pastor

David Guzik explains Paul’s letter to Titus, verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter. David explains the major themes of the books and gives practical application from a verse-by-verse look at what the Bible says.

Titus is part of the letters of the New Testament sometimes called the Pastoral Epistles (or letters). This is because 1-2 Timothy and Titus were all letters that Paul wrote to pastors or leaders in the early church. However, God has something important to say to all believers through these letters.