Bible Study Tools – The Crises of the Christ

London pastor, preacher, and author G. Campbell Morgan was a wonderfully influential Christian leader in the first half of the 20th century. One of his more helpful books is The Crises of the Christ, where he examines the life of Jesus through the critical events and choices that our Savior made.

The Crises of the Christ is available for download here.

We have much to learn from the great authors and preachers of the past, and G. Campbell Morgan has been a blessing to many people as a preacher, Bible commentator, and writer regarding the Christian life. Morgan was one of Pastor Chuck Smith’s favorite Bible commentators.

This is a public domain work, and absolutely free of charge. The only changes I had made to the file are to add bookmarks for the different sections and chapters, and also to make the text recognizable for copy and paste functions. The pdf file is about 49mb.

Blessings – David Guzik