William Albright – From the Stone Age to Christianity

William Albright – From the Stone Age to Christianity

Albright - Stone Age to Christianity

William F. Albright (1891-1971) was an American archaeologist and biblical scholar. From the early twentieth century until his death, he was the dean of biblical archaeologists and the acknowledged founder of the Biblical archaeology movement.

From the Stone Age to Christianity is his important work trying to bring together his knowledge of archaeology and his knowledge of the Bible. It sets forth Albright’s view of the light thrown by archaeology on the Bible as well as his basic philosophy of interpretation of the Bible and religion. Here he traces the development of humanity’s idea of god from prehistoric times to the time of Christ.

This is a helpful book, though I certainly don’t agree with all of Albrights conclusions. Albright had a much more liberal approach to the Biblical text than I have. Yet it’s a helpful and interesting read from fairly early in the Biblical archaeology movement.

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