Some Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

With such a long project, I hope to have learned a lot along the way. Of course, I’ve learned so much about God and His Word. I have a curious mind and always want to learn, and I think God knew I needed to spend my life immersed in the greatest and deepest reservoir of knowledge imaginable – His eternal, enduring Word.

The whole process has taught me much more than what is in the Bible itself. I hope I’ve learned a lot in the process. Here, in no particular order, are some of the things I’ve learned.

I learned how powerful the prayers of God’s people are. A little more than 2 years ago, I had well more than 200 Bible chapters remaining in my work. It seemed like it would be impossible to finish, and to finish well. I set goals for myself, but every time I would get behind and discouraged in the work I would ask those on the Enduring Word prayer support list to pray, and God answered miraculously. Many of you prayed, and God answered.

I learned that when you read a lot of someone’s writing, you really feel that you get to know them. I have spent hours upon hours reading Bible commentaries over the last 20 years. In both time and focus, I haven’t read all that much else. But with so many hours with the commentators listed below, and I feel that I know them so much better. There was a lot to understand and weigh from their observations, but it was a good experience. I feel like I have something of a friendship with G. Campbell Morgan, Adam Clarke, John Trapp, Charles Spurgeon, Derek Kidner, Leon Morris, and many others.

I learned that this kind of sustained, intense work can be exhausting. From time to time I’ll read of some scholar or commentator from 200 or 400 years ago who worked so hard at their studies that they fell into poor health. I used to think those accounts were very strange; now I can relate to them. Maybe if I gave this work 40 hours a week every week of the year it could have been completed in five years or so. But that would have been impossible. I could not have sustained that kind of intense work for that many hours for so many weeks and months.

I learned that my work of writing and distributing Bible resources will never be finished. It was a great milestone to reach decent commentary on every book, every chapter of the Bible, but I know that such a large work needs constant proofreading, correction, improvement, and revision. For me, this is truly a life work – one that will never be finished.

That being said, I think I’ll take some time off the commentary in the next season and work on some other writing projects. There are several books in my mind and on my heart that I have waited to work on until I reach this milestone. I’m looking forward to that.

I learned that the greatest reason why I love this work is because it draws me closer to Jesus. In a way I can’t fully explain, I have beautiful fellowship with Jesus Christ in and through His word. I meet Him there. This calling in my life didn’t originate with my plan, but I am so happy it was God’s plan for me.

David Guzik

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