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Themes this Week

The Resurrection of Jesus

Ecclesiastes – The Vanity of Life

David Guzik on Ecclesiastes

September 18 through 22

Monday, September 18
Luke 24:25-53 – The Witness of the Resurrected Jesus, Part 2

Tuesday, September 19
Ecclesiastes 1 – The Vanity of Life, Part 1

Wednesday, September 20
Ecclesiastes 1 – The Vanity of Life, Part 2

Thursday, September 21
Ecclesiastes 2-3 – Time, Eternity, and Despair, Part 1

Friday, September 22
Ecclesiastes 2-3 – Time, Eternity, and Despair, Part 2

The Book of Ecclesiastes is one of the most unusual and perhaps most difficult to understand books of the Bible. It has a spirit of hopeless despair; it has no praise or peace; it seems to promote questionable conduct. Yet these words of the Preacher (Ecclesiastes 1:1) show us the futility and foolishness of a life lived without an eternal perspective.

The question in Ecclesiastes isn’t about the existence of God; the author is no atheist, and God is always there. The question is whether or not God matters. The answer to that question is vitally connected to a responsibility to God that goes beyond this earthly life.

In the search for this answer, the Preacher searched the depths of human experience, including despair. He thoroughly examined the emptiness and futility of life lived without eternity before coming to the conclusion of the necessity of eternity.