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August 15 thru 19

Monday, August 15
Exodus 1 – I AM Present in Your Suffering, Part 2

Tuesday, August 16
Exodus 2 – I AM Your Deliverer – Part 1

Wednesday, August 17
Exodus 2 – I AM Your Deliverer – Part 2

Thursday, August 18
Exodus 3 – I AM Your God – Part 1

Friday, August 19
Exodus 3 – I AM Your God – Part 2

The story of the Exodus begins where the story Genesis ends: a large family with a crucial place in God’s plan of the ages and their migration to Egypt.

The Hebrew title for the Book of Exodus is taken from its first words: And These are the Names Of. In the original language, the first word of Exodus is and, marking its continuity from the Genesis account.

One great theme through the Book of Exodus is God’s revelation of Himself as the great I AM (as in Exodus 3). Through the book, God shows Himself to be the One who meets man’s need and rescues His people.