Preparing Head and Heart for Preaching

The team at has posted a 3.5 minute video where I speak about preparing the head and the heart for effective preaching and teaching.

It’s part of a series they call “10-Minute Seminary” – should be good. Of course, no one thinks you can get all you would from a seminary education in brief videos. But some of the most important principles for effective ministry can be explained briefly. More in the series to come.

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  1. Rory Zufolo
    Rory Zufolo says:

    I so agree with you David, that is my method of study. God gives us the breath within our lungs but we must use our muscles to take it in and let it out, and His word is a living word but only when we exercise prayer and thoughtful meditation. And I believe in doing that first, because the best teacher is His Holy Spirit, then go to the great men who have done the same thing before, and see what God has given them.


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