CD-ROM-New-Cover by David Guzik at Enduring Word

New Testament and More CD-ROM

$20.00 Plus Shipping

More than 6,000 pages of reliable, useful Bible commentary by David Guzik in two easy to use formats

With this CD-ROM you can access complete verse-by-verse commentary on the entire New Testament and many books of the Old Testament by Calvary Chapel Pastor David Guzik. It has commentary on the following books of the Bible in both Adobe Acrobat and html format:

  • The Entire New Testament

  • Genesis through Job – A Few Psalms
  • Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
  • Isaiah and Daniel – All the Minor Prophets

This special CD-ROM also includes audio teaching from David Guzik in mp3 format on these important subjects:

  • Understanding Marriage from Ephesians 5

  • The Two Pillars of Christian Combat from Ephesians 6

  • Teaching through Some Great Chapters of the Bible

  • Inspiration by E-Mail in mp3 Audio

This new CD-ROM features Bible commentary on the entire New Testament, plus 26 Old Testament books. It’s more than 6,000 pages of the same kind of commentary you find on our website – it’s just that now you can get it anytime you want without being on-line.

We also offer commentaries in print form. The difference between what is on the CD-ROM and the book is that the books are much more carefully edited and proofread. So, if you can stand the occasional misspelling or typographical error, you’ll love this CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM is designed for computers using Windows and Macintosh.  This CD-ROM also includes installation programs for Adobe Acrobat Reader and an mp3 player.

Enduring Word Media is distributing New Testament & More for only $20, plus shipping.

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